How To Deal With Bullies

We all deal with bullies many times in our lives. We deal with bullies not only as children and teenagers but when we grow up as well. Bullying is when someone is inflicted with mental, psychological and sometimes even physical torture on a purpose, so that the self-esteem of the person who is being bullied gets hurt. Small children are subjected to be bullied at schools by other children, teenagers are bullied as well and adults get bullied by their coworkers and even their spouses. Some teachers also bully their students as well.

How To Deal With BulliesIrrespective of the fact that who is bullying you or your child or someone else close to you, it is really important to deal with bullies in a way that the situation remains positive and you know how to protect yourself well in case a negative situation arises.

How Children And Parents Should Deal With Bullies

  • Keep Your Self Esteem Intact – Keeping and restoring your self-esteem is very important especially when someone is bullying you. When you talk back, fight, use abusive language or show any kind of reaction to the bully, you are actually getting yourself into an angry phase which is what exactly the bully wants. The best thing is to walk away from the scene and avoid being in such a situation as much as possible.
  • Have More Friends – One thing that is common with bullies is that they avoid bullying you when you are in a group. If you are a school going kid, then you should make more and more friends, sort of allies, and try to remain with them in the form of a group. This is will stop the bully from bullying you.
  • Seek Out Help – If you are being bullied a lot at your school then it is really important to seek out the help and assistance of a grown up. When the bullies see that you are with an adult, they avoid bullying you and are actually scared.
  • Try To Stop The Problem – It is really important to put a stop to the problem of always being a target of the bullies. You can do so by having a large number of friends and by always staying with them instead of staying on your own.
  • Ignore The Threats – The problem with bullies is that they tend to threat you a lot. Instead of getting scare of their threats simply ignore them. The best way is to ignore them or else get the help of an elder.
  • Stay Away From The Bully – Avoid going to those areas where the kid who is bullying you usually stays the most of the time. By doing so you are not just minimizing the chances of being bullied but also prevent any tension that you may feel because of the bully’s behavior.
  • Listen To Your Child – If it is your child who complains of getting bullied at his school, then listen to her and contact either the bully’s parents or the teacher of your child for bringing an end to it.
  • Boost Up Your Child’s Confidence – It is really important to boost your child’s confidence especially when he is getting bullied at his school. If you deem necessary then get your child enrolled into karate or some other self-defense class.

Since small and young children are subjected to bullying a lot, it is really important to make sure that you handle the situation properly in case your teenager son or daughter or one of the teenager’s in your class is being bullied by someone.

How To Help A Teenager Deal With Bullies

  • Determine What Kind Of Bullying Is He Targeted With Bullying can be psychological and as well as physical. In the case of psychological bullying, a teenager is usually called names, laughed at and teased. Whereas in the case of physical bullying a teenager is treated with physical violence. Although physical bullying is a lot more dangerous than psychological bullying but both have their consequences.
  • Determine In Which Places Is The Teenager Bullied At – A bully always has some specific place for bullying. You should understand where the teenager is targeted at, in the cafeteria, lunchroom or even on the internet.
  • Ask The Teenager Whether He Needs Your Help – It is really important to ask whether the teenager, irrespective of the fact that he is your son or your student, wants your help to help him out with the problem of bullying. Sometimes teenagers determine the intervention of an elder as bullying as well.
  • Ask The Teenager Who Is Bullying Him – It is quite alright to ask your teenager straight ahead that which kids are bullying her. It helps in telling those kids to stop even if you don’t ask them directly.
  • Discuss The Options – As a parent or a teacher you should discuss the options of putting a stop to the bullying by either letting the school authorities know about the bullying incidents or by removing the bullies and the target from the same classes.
  • Encourage The Teenager To stand Up For Herself – It is important to teach the teenager not to have a low self esteem in front of the bullies and stand up for herself in case the bully starts calling her names. Also tell her that in case of a physical abuse do inform the school authorities and her parents at once.
  • Keep A Record – Ask your teenager to keep a whole record of the days, dates and the time when he is subjected to physical bullying. This helps in filing an authentic lawsuit against the bullies in case the bullying gets out of control.
  • Call The Police – If the bully just won’t stop bullying, the best thing to call the police and let it handle the matter.

It is not only children and teenager who are subjected to being bullied only, but adults experience this as well at their workplaces. A bully can not only be a co worker but a boss as well whose only purpose it seems is to make your work look inferior as compared to his own.

How To Deal With Bullies At Workplace

  • Recognize The Bully – If you are new at a workplace, then you should be able to recognize a bully as a person who might not only try to get too much personal with you but also may deal with you highly unprofessionally as well. a workplace bully constantly nags and jabs at you without any particular reason and eventually you stop feel like going to work without even realizing that you are being a target f workplace bullying.
  • Let The Bully Know That You Realize His Intentions – Without being rude, you can let the bully know that you realize his intentions and are highly aware of the kind of morally and ethically unacceptable behavior they have towards you. If the bully starts getting defensive at this point, then this means that you have got a reason for making your suspicions more solid.
  • Confront With The Bully – It is really good to confront with the bully and tell her to stop her rude behavior with you by simply looking at her in the eye. You don’t have to fight with her; rather you should tell her sternly that her immoral behavior is not acceptable. This confrontation may stop her bullying permanently but she may again starts bullying you after some time again.
  • Don’t Let Bullying Affect Your Ego – Whenever a person is subjected to being a target of bullying, his ego and self esteem tends to get affected quickly. You have o tell yourself that there is nothing wrong with you but the actual problem lies with the bully himself.
  • Report The Bully – If the bully does not stop with his mean and rude behavior with you, then you should put an end to it by reporting him to the higher authorities at your workplace. You can even directly tell your own boss or the bully’s boss as well for bringing an end to this humiliating activity. You can even report to the Human Resource department regarding the process of bullying which you are facing.
  • Don’t’ Interact With A Bully – Further interaction with the bully is not advisable even when he has stopped bullying you. Your only dealing with him should be out of necessity but it is necessary not to be friendly with the bully in the future, no matter how much he tries to do so himself.

Bullying should be handled with great concern whether it is at your child’s school, in a playground or at your workplace. Sometimes children are even targeted by teachers who are bullies. It is highly advisable to handle this situation with great care making sure that your child’s self esteem is not lowered.

Always remember that when you become a target of bullying it is really important not to let your self-esteem get hurt.

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